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Volleyball Faces Rival This Weekend

140927_Volley Ball 013ccOctober 10 — The girls’ varsity volleyball team is gearing up for what promises to be a tight contest this weekend against Providence. So far the girls have experienced an up-and-down season with dominant wins over Besant Hill and Midland, only to fall this past week to Dunn and Laguna Blanca. The JV team will start at home Saturday against Providence, followed by the varsity squad at 4 p.m.

Meanwhile, the OVS boys’ club soccer team played its second match this week which ended in a tie against Oak Grove. Up next: Soccer will play on Garden Street on Saturday, October 18.

At the Lower Campus, the Middle School volleyball and soccer teams played their first games and show promise for the season ahead. The boys’ soccer team will play away next Tuesday, October 14, against Crane at 4 p.m. and then face Santa Barbara Middle School on the road on Thursday. Girls’ varsity and JV volleyball teams will play next Thursday, October 16, at different locations.

Visit the website calendar for game times and additional information.

This Month At OVS

150226_Upper Campus

This Month At OVS

Both campuses are preparing for the start of Spring sports season.  If you haven’t been to an OVS sporting event this season, you still have time to show your support to the JV and Varsity teams.  Please click on the link below to see the calendar for the upcoming sports schedule.

The Ojai Youth Sinfonia, Orchestra and Strings continue to rehearse in the Greenberg Activity Center on Mondays in preparation of their Spring concert series.

For more information and events please click on this link to see the OVS calendars.

Science Fair

Science Fair 3


Students across the county will compete next month in the Ventura County Science Fair  and OVS middle school students will be well represented among them with projects that focus on issues relevant in today’s world and in our own Ojai community.

Sasha Valenzuela, a current seventh grader, will take her project that tested the purity and cleanliness of our local drinking water. Scott Inman, another seventh grader, will represent OVS with his homemade wave machine that explored the relationship between waves and reefs.

Other middle school students advancing to the next level of competition are: Caroline Morrow, William Campana, Emmy Hilgers, Lucy Orgolini, Bella Welch, Sean McHale, Sean Cahill, Clover Griffin, and Will Lang (8th Grade); Avery Colborn, Aaron Wolf, Ava Whitsitt, Nate Schmidt, Caspian Ellis, Emerson McNeil, Rachel Greenleaf, Matthew Thacher, Michael Bender, Olivia Brown, and Andrew Morse (7th Grade); Bella Slosberg, Adam Pepper-Macias, Timothy Chadwick, Jocelyn Gonzalez, and Kiana Carlisle (6th Grade).

This group of Middle School junior scientists a month to prepare for the county science fair, where they’ll be competing against students from Ventura, Oxnard, Camarillo, Thousand Oaks and Moorpark. The county fair will begin on March 31 when contestants set up their projects. Project judging will take place on April 1 and recognition will be on April 2. Students will have the opportunity to network and leave the event with new contacts after the “expo” portion of the Science Fair.  Businesses, colleges, universities and government agencies will be available for students to learn more about programs, careers, and areas of study.

Theme Week On Lower Campus

OVS, Lower Campus, Theme Week, Primary, Elementary

Primary and Elementary classes celebrate the histories and cultures of countries around the world.

IMG_5645This week marks an annual tradition on Lower Campus- Theme Week.  The Primary and Elementary grades turn their classrooms and curriculum into an international smorgasbord learning about the histories and cultures of different countries around the world.

The first grade classroom takes the students to the other side of the Pacific to Japan.  The second graders are immersed in Mexican culture while third and fourth are representing Russia and France.  These youngsters may not be ready to travel abroad on a field trip, but soon enough they’ll be able to follow in the footsteps of their senior schoolmates and have the opportunity to travel to exciting new destinations around the world.

As the Primary and Elementary classes turned the Lower Campus into an international melting pot, the Middle School has been preparing for an international adventure to Costa Rica.  Keeping in the style of OVS this isn’t completely a tourist destination for the students onboard but it will be filled with life changing community service experience geared at teaching how easy it is to help our global neighbors.

OVS Presents Into The Woods

Into The Woods

Our high school students stepped into the spotlight this week and gave our community three tremendous performances of the Tony Award-winning musical “Into the Woods.” It was a powerhouse ensemble cast that demonstrated the talented vocals of seniors Nicole Kang (L11) and Amy Xu (L11) as the Witch and Rapunzel, and showed the deep talent pool of our younger students, including sophomore Lauren Rothman as Cinderella, junior Savannah Moler as the Baker’s Wife, sophomore Gavin Floyd (L13) as the Baker, freshmen Leila Giannetti (L14) as Red Riding Hood and freshmen Liam Castagna as Jack.

Hopefully our younger children weren’t frightened by senior Connor Floyd’s portrayal of the evil Wolf, which thankfully was balanced with his performance as the pompous Prince Charming. Freshman Jacob Tadlock (L14), whose comedic timing we’ve enjoyed in previous performances at Lower Campus, showed his whimsical touch yet again as the Granny and the other charming Prince.

Congratulations to the entire cast and crew, which included more than 40 students and 16 teachers, dorm parents, staff, alumni and former faculty members. Special thanks to John and Lisa Boyd, who for 29 years have guided and inspired OVS students to find their voices on and off stage.

Prepping For Spring Backpacking


OVS, Lower Campus, Backpacking, Camping

Middle School teacher, Duncan Wallace, sits with his class under one of the old oak trees o0n Lower Campus.  Every Monday the Outdoor Education team immerses the students in an exciting learning adventure as they discuss important issues, techniques, and skills needed for their upcoming backpacking trips.

This Month At OVS

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Peace, Love & OVS

OVS Makes Music History In Lennon Bus

Feb. 11, 2015 – The John Lennon Tour Bus made a stop at OVS Lower Campus this morning as part of its national tour.  The Lennon Bus found OVS with the help of the maverick primary teacher and veteran OVS staffer, Dana DeYoung.  When she’s not on campus leading a line of OVS’ youngest students like a mother hen, she out in the world indulging her own creativity and looking for new and exciting educational experiences for her students and the entire OVS community.

DeYoung has been on a mission to bring STEM curriculum to the PK-1 classrooms.  Once she succeeded she moved on to her next challenge- how to incorporate the arts into STEM curriculum.  With a little music, performance and the visual arts she’s turned yesterday’s STEM into tomorrow’s STEAM curriculum.  This initiative is still a work in progress, but the odds are in her favor and she’s rapidly moving towards another success.

The Lennon Bus happened by chance.  DeYoung and the Lennon Bus both happened to be in attendance of the 2015 NAMM Show in Anaheim, CA. One short waiting line later Dana was determined to see the Lennon Bus pull up in the OVS student drop-off turn around.  Little did she know it was going to happen sooner than expected.  There was an open date in the tour schedule bringing them to OVS in nearly two weeks time.  But she pulled it off.  And she pulled off a giant human peace sign in the Hermes Quad of Lower Campus this morning at 7:45a.m.

The Lennon Bus is a gift wade possible by the generosity of Yoko Ono Lennon and numerous donors with the goal of spreading inspiration, opportunities and possibilities to the youth of the world.  One bus tours the United States as another bus tours Europe, meanwhile the rest of the world can tune into lennonbus.org for information, live streaming video, a virtual tour of the bus and more.

The Bus didn’t come to OVS just to plug into the electricity and grab a heart meal in the cafeteria, they set up shop for the day to work with the Lower Campus garage band.  In one day the Lennon Bus staff are going to show the up-and-coming musicians how a song is written, recorded and turned into a music video.  The whole Lower Campus is excited to see and experience the next trick DeYoung pulls out of her hat.  Thank you Dana DeYoung for making music history happen at OVS!


Also, This Month At OVS…

We’re only one month into 2015 and the OVS Upper and Lower calendars are packed with exciting extra curricular activities, excursions and sporting events.

Both campuses are preparing for the end of the Winter sports season and are looking forward to the warmer weather of the Spring sports lineup.  IF you haven’t been to an OVS sporting event this season, you still have time to show your support to the JV and Varsity teams.  Please click on the link below to see the calendar for the remaining Winter sports schedule.

The Ojai Youth Sinfonia, Orchestra and Strings continue to rehearse in the Greenberg Activity Center on Mondays in preparation of their Spring concert series.  In other performing arts news, Lower Campus students will be attending a performance of Stomp on Wednesday Feb. 11, in Thousand Oaks.   And the Upper Campus will perform Into The Woods on Feb. 19 & 20, at 7:00 p.m., with a Fri. matinee at 2:00 p.m. for the Lower Campus.

For more information and events please click on this link to see the OVS calendars.

Winter Sports

Varsity Soccer

Upper Campus Winter Sports Season Comes To A Close


This past week the girls’ soccer team played local rival Oak Grove.  The girls gave it their all but this game sadly marked another loss on the score sheet.
Meanwhile, the boys played Thacher this week in a friendly match that put both teams’ up and coming players on the field for most of the game.  Thacher was represented mostly by first year players and OVS featured a mix of starters and bench players.
Some highlights of the game include some first goals for the OVS team made by Gavin Floyd, Kase Skillern and Shawn Harvey.
On the court, the girls made a huge victory this week against Garden Street with Marcella Peek scoring 17 out of 31 points that won the game for OVS.

Happy New Year, China!

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This Month At OVS

trail rideThis month at OVS students return from winter break and resume classes January 12, 2015.  Lower Campus is preparing for international travel while Upper Campus continues to prepare for their journey Into The Woods.

The first week back to school is proving to be packed with lots of excitement as far as the school calendar is concerned.  Lower campus will be kicking off the New Year with a Spelling Bee on Wednesday, January 12, followed by Dream Themes Dress Day and prepping for Spring Backpacking Trips.

Soccer and basketball are on the table for both campuses as we exit out of winter break mode.  The Middle School girls’ soccer team will be heading to Upper observe the Varsity team as they continue developing their strategy.

Click on the link to go to the OVS Calendar.

Click here to go to the Upcoming Equestrian Events page.

Mad Science

OVS, Lower Campus, Science Fair, STEAMNext week, OVS will host the much-anticipated annual Science Fair for elementary and middle school students in grades 3-8.

Prepare to be impressed because our students have tackled a diverse range of creative projects, from the science of waves to understanding the flight of prehistoric birds.  Some students have even chosen projects to help answer questions involving our own local Ojai community.

Each year, approximately 20 students are chosen to represent OVS at the Ventura County Science Fair and in recent years students have gone on to compete at the state level, notably with projects that reflect our STEAM curriculum and students’ interest in environmental science and related fields. OVS has a long history of top recognition at these events, but the purpose of the Science Fair is truly to celebrate and demonstrate the many ways in which experiential learning is taught, valued, encouraged an embraced by students across the grade levels. Please join us at Lower Campus on February 4, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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